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The Art of Oil Painting

As a painting artist, I explore color and form by using encaustic, pastel or oil paint mediums. Custom pet portraits are in pastel or oil. The unique properties of each medium produces uniquely different visual imagery. I enjoy blending reflecting hues for realistic renderings. My website of gallery art offers my original paintings and their art reproductions produced by the Giclee process in the finest inks available.

The Art of Pastel Painting

Plein air painting with the pastel medium lends the ability to capture both soft and vivid hues of landscapes, exactly as they appear at any given moment.  Labor Day 2016 perfectly describes the beach at Stone Harbor  as it was that weekend.  The colors in the scene were chosen by physically comparing  the pigment of the pastel sticks to the color of the beach, water and sky, thus capturing the atmosphere that was simultaneously bright and overcast.

The Art of Encaustic Painting

Encaustic painting, the fusing of layer upon layer of hot melted colored wax, can often result in various interpretations of the artist's work.  A three dimensional opulence is created with a textured, sculpted or smooth finish.   In my experience, encaustic painting is by far the most versatile art medium.  It offers endless possibilities for creativity.  Hydrangea is a beautiful example.

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Oil, Pastel & Encaustic Painting Giclees

Beautiful painting reproductions made using the Giclee process with the highest quality inks available in many sizes options to fit every decor!  Go to: Be sure to click on each item for available sizes offered!  

Original Paintings

To view original paintings only click on: or Shop Anna's Artwork to explore which original works that are available along with their corresponding Giclee reproductions.

About the Artist

Anna Kuczynski Artist Bio


 Anna Kuczynski  Southern New Jersey artist Anna Kuczynski belongs to the long respected  school of self-taught artists that have often dominated American painting. While her works exhibit the influence of paintings she has observed over the years, her approach and style remain very much her own, free from the restrictions and boundaries imposed by rigid training. 

 American artists are known throughout the world for their independent approach. To express stark realism with oil paint, Anna utilizes the affect natural sunlight plays on her subjects, as it caresses objects then disappears into deepening shadows. This visual treat has become one of Anna’s favorite tools as she extends it into other artistic mediums.  

Always expanding in her artistic expression, Anna attends workshops with artists whose work she has come to admire.  She explored the versatility of hot wax painting with the multi-talented encaustic artist, Loretta Tryon. Pastel artist, Stan Sperlak, taught  Anna his remarkable use of this medium, during his workshops of intense training in the art plein air painting.

With so may ways to creativity, American artist Anna Kuczynski welcomes commissions and is available to discuss any project, large or small.  


Anna's Exhibitions


 Art Etc, Inspira Auxiliary of Cumberland County, November 2017

Harford County Plein Air Festval Show, Towson, MD October 2017

Riverfront Center for the Arts Associate Artist Show II September 2017

  Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts Artist Alcove 2017

 Arts in Bloom, Salem County Artist’s Annual Show Weekend 2017

 Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts Associate Artist Show I March 2017

 Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts Upcycle Show 2016 

Salem Oak: From the Oak Desk Online Art & Literary Magazine 2016  

Arts In Bloom, Salem County Artist’s Annual Show Weekend, NJ 2016

 Arts In Bloom, Salem County Artist’s Annual Show Weekend , NJ 2015 

Winter Miniature Show, Hardcastle Gallery, Centerville & Newark, DE, 2015 

 Devil In The Straight Line, International Encaustic Juried Show, Miami, FL 2014

 Arts In Bloom, Salem County Artist’s Annual Show Weekend, NJ 2014  

Stand Up For Salem, Group Mosaic Collaboration, Salem, NJ 2013 

Arts In Bloom, Salem County Artist’s Show Weekend, NJ 2011 

Fall Group Exhibition, Peter McPhee Arts, Stone Harbor, NJ 2010 

Arts In Bloom, Salem County Artist’s Show Weekend, NJ 2010 

Artist’s Reception, First Impressions Gallery, Salem, NJ 2009

 Expressions In Oil, Selected Group Exhibit, Longwood Art Gallery, Kennett Square, PA 2009

 Summer Exhibition, First Impressions Gallery, Salem, NJ 2009

 Group Exhibition, Peter McPhee Gallery, Stone Harbor, NJ 2008

 American Ions, Light Street Gallery, Baltimore, MD 2007 

Sweet-Art, Hardcastle Gallery, Centerville, DE 2006  

Group Show, Hardcastle gallery, Centerville, DE 2005 

Evening Of The Arts, Goodstay Center, Wilmington, DE 2004 

Candlelight Tour, Pisces Gallery, Woodstown, NJ 1999  

Candlelight Tour, Pisces Gallery, Woodstown, NJ 1998

 Paintings By Sisters, Stover Mill Gallery, Erwinna, PA 1997  


Pet Portraits

Everything from Fantasy to Formal...

Felicia and the Full Moon is from a snapshot of my Felicia on a windowsill. The moon and sky is from my imagination. Zeus, above, captured looking up from a nap and Herc, at left, gave me a beautiful profile as he was sitting outside.  The light background highlights his shiny, dark coat.

Send your digital photo(s) for making the perfect painting of your pet to